About «A GRUPP» company


The year of 2019 marks a new stage in the A GRUPP development. We are expanding our limits and today A GRUPP has become a corporation representing an engineering company and the production of metal structures.

We have moved past a new benchmark with over 1000 highly skilled personnel on our team. As a result of well coordinated effort, support from our Suppliers and Customers we celebrate a small anniversary - for 10 consecutive years we lead the rating of the best traders in the pipe industry. We hope this is just the beginning of the path we are yet to travel together.

We vigorously expand the geographic footprint of our Corporation, the range of our products, and the choice of services.

The A GRUPP Corporation today:

- Sales of pipes and rolled products

- Engineering design and commissioning of buildings and industrial installations

- Production of metal structures and complete buildings

- Development of business processes, rules and regulations for logistical compounds

Today we offer integral solutions for your business from a complex engineering project to commissioning of facilities. Relying on our experience, competence, and good standing, you can be sure of the quality of any service provided by the A GRUPP Corporation.

We hope for long-term and productive cooperation.

Alexey Zaytsev